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  • ECL lays down an IT infrastructure investment strategy for small businesses to adapt to the new reality due to COVID-19
  • ECL recommends small desktops with the larger UHD monitors and full-sized keyboards over laptops to Work-From-Home
  • ECL deploys Linux appliances and servers as standards for corporate video conferencing, PBX telephony, and Wifi connectivity
  • ECL offers cloud reverse migration and repatriation to on-premise or private clouds as more and more public cloud projects fail
  • ECL helps small businesses with Microsoft audits, if and when Microsoft comes knocking on your doors     


  • ECL recommends not to deploy Windows 2019 as a terminal server yet until most critical bugs are worked out
  • ECL recommends small businesses purchasing retail licenses of MS Office as opposed renting licenses of Office 365
  • ECL recommends eM Client as an Outlook a substitute for those who are using Libre Office instead of MS Office
  • ECL employs the Amazon, Google, and Microsoft clouds to host specialty apps to supplement on-premise equipment 
  • ECL presents white paper on "Why Outsource Your IT Department for the Skeptical Business Owner"


  • ECL recommends MDaemon as an internal email post office server as a standard for small businesses with 10 or more users
  • ECL helps in reducing repetitive strain in daily office data entry tasks by writing Windows smart keyboard macros using AutoHotkey
  • ECL automates OneNote by Onetastic and VBA producing reports, updating forms, checking for human errors, exporting to databases


  • ECL helps small businesses perform disaster recovery simulation tests because most backup systems fail to do what they claim
  • ECL enhances our hardware lab and datacentre with uninterruptable power that can last more than one month in major disasters
  • ECL provides local physical backup services in Vancouver to backup our clients' on-premise or cloud servers when they are down


  • ECL connects cell phones to our smart router as a backup to Internet access ISPs when they are down
  • ECL deploys Libre Office as a standard on all servers and workstations to supplement and enhance MS Office
  • ECL recommends small businesses invest in their own IT infrastructure for frequent, unlimited use rather than renting them from the cloud






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