ECL Launches New System Programming Services

ECL Computing has launched its System Programming Service. The System Programming Service writes applications and programs to reduce "robot" work by automating mundane tasks, reduce costs by simplifying systems, and improve efficiency by advancing on existing network infrastructure.


Vancouver, BC, January 10, 2002 -- ECL, a leading Vancouver-based network infrastructure services provider, has announced the launch of a new system programming service.

ECL's System Programming Service provides businesses with specific applications to help run their businesses virtually and solve related problems. Applications can include smart backup of files across a network, fax/email plug-ins for MS Office, process management programs to speed up Terminal Servers, mass fax systems, email components for a quotation, auditing programs to authenticate and track users, programs for signaling between branch and head offices, interactive voice response systems, and custom resource mapping with secure authentication.

“System programs enable a computer to interface with the "real-world". They drastically reduce routine and "robot" work for staff, which reduces costs by improving a network's simplicity and efficiency, and also frees up valuable time for staff to do work that cannot be automated, ” said Ed Lee, Sales Manager at ECL.

Additional examples of applications ECL has moderated are

  • Automated phone attendant, voicemail, and IVR applications
  • Applications that control, monitor, and log building security systems
  • Client reach-out-and-touch applications via phone, pager, fax, and email
  • Richer sound and visual experiences for branch office communications
  • Application enhancements via plug-ins to the physical world
  • For more information, see ECL's System Programming Services or contact ECL directly and request to see a demonstration of any of the above system programming services at work.

About ECL Computing:

ECL Computing is a computer network infrastructure provider that has been specializing in serving small businesses in Western Canada since 1990.


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