ECL Customizes Services for High-end Internet Security

ECL now provides top-of-line packages for intnernet security services and programs via VPN. They are able to produce secure internet connectivity even for high-requirement businesses like banks, and offer these same services to its small to medium business customers, ensuring that they recieve Internet security systems and services that drastically outmatch those of ECL's competitors.


Vancouver, BC, June 01,2002 -- ECL, a leading Vancouver-based network infrastructure services provider, has announced a new service securing Internet connections via Virtual Private Network (VPN) to safely support file, printer, and SQL server data sharing over the web. ECL also provides a unique security auditing service, which simulates, detects, and tracks hackers by writing custom system programs, something that few competitors are able to offer. With these services, ECL's security team is able to provide for businesses requiring the highest degrees of security.

"ECL builds digital network infrastructure and has been securing Internet connections for years. With its intimate knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating systems, the ECL security team can provide its customers with extensive protection against intruders. Our high-level security systems that we monitor constantly have even given us the opportunity to secure Internet connections for a bank. That request came as quite an honour, and the project has been running successfully for some months now," said Ed Lee, Sales Manager of ECL. "This is the degree of support our security services can provide to all of our customers."

ECL's security team provides VPN support and system security services around the clock, with pricing that caters to the demands and capabilities of the business.

For more information about how ECL's security services can be put to work protecting your business, visit our System Security Services or contact ECL directly and ask about pricing and a demonstration of its highly qualified security team in action.

About ECL Computing:

ECL Computing is a computer network infrastructure provider that has been specializing in serving small businesses in Western Canada since 1990.


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