ECL Launches Medusa -- Internet Redundancy Software

ECL has created Medusa, a software program that establishes a pool of redundant Internet connections and selects new connections from amongst them whenever an Internet connection is lost. With Medusa, customers can experience less downtime due to dropped Internet connections, which equates to overall better network performance.

Vancouver, BC, July 20, 2005 -- ECL, a leading Vancouver-based network infrastructure services provider, has announced the launch of Medusa. Developed by ECL's Network Infrastructure team using .NET technology, Medusa improves Internet redundancy and reliability for connections hosting Terminal Servers.

"Running a business off a Terminal Server requires 24/7 Internet access. In the event that Internet access is dropped, a server could go down for great lengths of time. To solve connection problems more effectively, ECL has produced a software product named Medusa. Medusa allows a number of redundant Internet connections to serve a Windows Application Server using Terminal Services. In short, Medusa enhances network reliability by protecting server connectivity,” said Ed Lee, Sales Manager for ECL.

Medusa is designed to automatically detect when an Internet connection goes down. Once a dropped connection is detected, Medusa will switch to a second gateway and attempt another outside connection from a pool of predefined gateways. When Medusa finds a good gateway, it will automatically reconfigure the Terminal Server to use that gateway. Furthermore, Medusa will then automatically contact the DNS host to redirect the specified host name and point it to the new IP address.

Typically, a dropped connection is detected and a new one established within 1 minute. Users will only detect only the briefest of outages before the disconnected Terminal session is restored.

For more information about Medusa, contact ECL Computing and ask for a demonstration and further details on pricing.

About ECL Computing:

ECL Computing is a computer network infrastructure provider that has been specializing in serving small businesses in Western Canada since 1990.


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