ECL Announces Support of Windows Server 2008

ECL deploys Windows Server 2008 under its Systemaster plans. The robustness and flexibility of Microsoft's newest release allows for greater customization of ECL's plans, an asset for businesses that want to leverage more out of their network infrastructure.


Vancouver, BC April 28, 2008 -- ECL, a leading Vancouver-based managed services provider, has announced its deployment of Windows Server 2008 as part of the Systemaster suite of managed applications.

Systemaster consists primarily of managed service plans for Windows Servers. Windows Server 2008 is Microsoft’s most robust Windows Server operating system to date. With built-in, enhanced web and virtualization capabilities, it is designed to increase the reliability and flexibility of server infrastructure while helping save time and reduce costs.

"The most exciting thing about Windows Server 2008 is its speed. It runs much faster than the previous versions of Windows Server. We were pleasantly surprised to find that all of our applications appear to run 2 to 4 times faster under the new Terminal Services in a virtual environment on the latest hardware," said Ed Lee, Sales Manager for ECL.

Currently, two Systemaster plans are being offered in conjunction with the Windows Server 2008 deployment. The Systemaster Empower Plan is currently priced at as low as $350 per month, per server. The Comprehensive Systemaster Plan is priced according to each client’s network complexity. The addition of Windows Server 2008 Systemaster plans will increase the amount of customizability for Comprehensive Systemaster clients in particular, allowing them greater leverage over their virtual systems.

For more information about Systemaster and how your business can utilize this powerful new product, contact ECL Computing and ask for pricing and a demonstration.

About ECL Computing:

ECL Computing is a computer network infrastructure provider that has been specializing in serving small businesses in Western Canada since 1990.


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