ECL Introduces Managed Virtual Server Hosting Services

ECL Computing's new managed virtual server hosting services target Remote Desktop or Terminal Services application servers and are designed for small to medium sized businesses looking to outsource virtual server management. ECL Computing provides a number of plans, starting at $500 per server per month, which offer customers various manageability and resource options.

Vancouver, BC March 15, 2010 -- ECL, a leading Vancouver-based network infrastructure service provider, has announced its new virtual server hosting services plans. The plans are the newest addition to ECL's Systemaster suite of managed applications, which primarily consist of managed service plans for Windows Servers, and open up a wide range of essential but hard to obtain services for virtual servers at affordable prices.

Virtual Servers are hardware-independent servers that can be hosted by Internet Service Providers. ECL's Virtual server hosting service plans run and maintain virtual servers by consistently monitoring and improving their resources, security, and performance. Starting from as low as $500 per month, ECL offers several plans with incremental levels of service and support  that customers can choose from, ranging from basic server hosting  to total management responsibility.

"Many small businesses would like to relieve the pain of purchasing and the duty of continually upgrading their own server hardware and network infrastructure," said Ed Lee, Sales Manager for ECL. "With our range of virtual server hosting offerings, customers can choose how much responsibility ECL takes for their server's maintenance and administration. Customers can even move their virtual servers to our datacenters entirely, which provides them with lowered operating costs and improved security. Likewise, they can leverage on ECL's hardware redundancy, system software expertise, backup facilities, multiple datacenters, and other system administration services with greater ease and efficiency. Our hosting services are particularly useful for companies with multiple branch offices and home-based workers who are using Windows Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Services to access their virtual server."

ECL offers dedicated hosting services in Vancouver based on Microsoft's Hyper-V virtual machine technology. ECL provides the hardware, network infrastructure, and the datacenters required to physically host virtual machines, enabling customers to access and install their own applications and programs, such as ERP, CRM, SharePoint, or Remote Desktop Services (formerly Terminal Services), on their own Hyper-V virtual machines from virtually any workstation. 

Pricing starts at $500 per server per month for an unmanaged virtual machine that serves up to 100 users, and ranges up to $5000 per server per month for a fully managed virtual machine with unlimited data traffic and hardware resources that serves hundreds of users.

Because of standardization on Microsoft technologies and virtual utilization of a number of local Canadian data servers, ECL is able to offer virtual machine scalability, location independence, and backup redundancy. ECL's plans are affordably priced, and are designed to cater to the needs of small to medium businesses.

For more information about ECL Computing's new virtual server hosting plans and how these plans can be used to reduce infrastructure costs, contact ECL directly and ask about your options. 

About ECL Computing:

ECL Computing is a computer network infrastructure provider that has been specializing in serving small businesses in Western Canada since 1990.


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