Hardware level services

ECL runs an extensive hardware lab on our Granville Street location. We offer a full range of hardware services to design, build, maintain, upgrade, and repair technology related that covers common office equipment to specialty out-of-warranty electronics.   

  • Computer servers and workstations design and build
  • Virtual telephone PBX systems design and implementation
  • Multi-vendor Internet access design and implementation
  • UPS power equipment maintenance and repair
  • Cabling closet and connectivity design and cleanup
  • Office equipment maintenance and repairs
  • Custom and personalize special purpose electronics
  • Local and Wide Area Network implementation
  • Out-of-warranty repairs for multi-vendor servers and workstations

System level services

ECL's biggest strength is to provide system level services such as installation, repairs, security, recovery, and system software programming, such as Windows, SQL Servers, Exchange, and SharePoint.

Application Level Services

ECL also offers two types of Microsoft Application Level services. These services are designed to bridge programs and applications to the network infrastructure of clients who require them to run their businesses.

  • MS SharePoint set up and programming
  • MS Office deployment and programming
  • Libre Office deployment and programming

In addition, ECL holds partnerships with almost all popular applications vendors and website developers. See our Partners page for a list of our partner supported applications.