System Administration Services (SAS)


Our Systems Administration Services are operated under our tradename as Systemaster.

Unlike other firms, Systemaster does not only provide individual managed service packages but also comprehensive packages which include business processes, business applications, and IT infrasture management. These services are billed on a monthly flat-rate.

The primary purposes of Systemaster are as follows:  

  • To improve your cash flow
  • To reduce your IT staffing costs
  • To increase information efficiency
  • To assist your internal System Administrator
  • To take on full responsibility of being your System Administrator
  • To temporarily backup your internal System Administrator during an absence.
Why Systemaster?

Here are some questions to ask your IT manager before deciding whether hiring Systemaster is right for you.

  • Could you be leveraging harder on your IT nfrastructure?
  • Do you have a mission critical business that cannot afford much down time?
  • Are you having difficulty in keeping your IT infrastructure running smoothly at all times?
  • Are you or your staff stressed out doing "robotic" tasks or low-valued administrative work that are not a part of your job description?
  • Are you paying too much to obtain, train, and keep your own computer geek only to see a limit to what you are getting in return?
  • Are you being out-paced by the emergence of new software, hardware, security and Internet technologies?
  • Do you deal with dozens of different IT vendors and are unable to speak their language fluently?
  • Do you want to focus on core revenue projects rather than administrative overhead?
  • Are you interested in hiring administrators who are ethical, responsible, certified, experienced, multi-disciplined, and competent, all at the same time?
  • Do you want to have a team of professional administrators that can reduce your time to understand, protect,
    repair, and grow your digital network infrastructure?
  • Do you have tons of questions to ask a team of Systemaster professionals?
  • Are you prepared to relinquish the responsibility of maintaining and growing your digital network infrastructure to Systemaster?

If you answered yes to even some of those questions, you should seriously consider hiring Systemaster.

With our Systemaster team, you will have the entire ECL knowledge base standing behind your business to help you achieve your desired business vision. Systemaster is always on the job, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, to proactively prevent security breaches, network disasters, software conflicts, hardware malfunctions, missing data, and corrupted systems. Let Systemaster empowerment help you propell your business forward.

Systemaster Benefits

With Systemaster you will get:

  • People who are highly certified, ethical, and competent
  • Better accountability by having Systemaster professionally log, document, and report problems
  • An up-time guarantee by Systemaster to prevent problems before they occur
  • Free disaster recovery services for when a disaster inevitably strikes
  • An Evergreen server that Systemaster will continuously upgrade and repair
  • Loaner equipment such as servers, workstations, and laptops at a moment's notice
  • Free software system administration tools developed by Systemaster
  • To choose your primary System Administrator which you may switch at any time
  • Business continuity with minimum disruption and a 90-day termination clause
  • Better knowledge continuity and retention by spreading knowledge through a whole team of people with proper documentation rather than a single person

With Systemaster you can:

  • Enjoy lower costs due to increased efficiency, with prices starting from as low as $350 per month
  • Ride out business cycles by scaling Systemaster services to match your business load
  • Enjoy the power of knowledge with our entire Systemaster team supporting your internal staff or management directly