System Security Services (SSS)

ECL provides both Internet and Intranet security services

To assist you with plugging security holes and tracking down intruders, ECL uses a unique methodology. We utilize two opposing teams, one that emulates intruders and one that puts up security protection in response to any intrusions, to solve even the most difficult security problems that most small businesses face today. Unlike our competitors, our security lab is well equipped with sophisticated anti-hacking tools and staffed with security system programmers ready to spring into action on your emergency call. 

Internet security
  • Do you run a mission critical business?
  • Do you hold proprietary and confidential information?
  • Are you a bank, trust company, medical establishment, or public service organization?
  • Do you need to restrict external access, set up VPN tunnels through the Internet, and prevent data theft?
  • Do you suspect an external intruder might have been attacking your computers, tampering with your e-mail, or implanting a virus or Trojan horse?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, call in our security guards. They can put up immediate firewalls to protect your systems, identify intruders, and gather statistics and evidence for possible legal action.

Intranet security
  • Do you need to protect files from non-technical or malicious users?
  • Do you want to audit computer activities?
  • Do you suspect internal business rule violations?
  • Do you need to restrict internal operating hours?
  • Do you need to guard confidential information?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, call in our security guards. They can audit your internal security system, point out weaknesses, implement security policies for you by writing relevant scripts, and protect your confidential resources.