System Programming Services (SPS)

ECL writes custom system programs

Our System Programming Services will give you control of your network's infrastructure by performing or even automating jobs that simply can't be done with off-the-shelf software.
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Our programs are designed to assist you and your application consultants in dealing with hardware and Microsoft software issues.  
Our custom written software includes tools for system administration, security auditing, intruder detection, privacy monitoring, LAN/WAN packet analysis, data conversion, data recovery, peripheral manipulation, faxing, emailing, video capturing, paging, and interactive voice response systems.

Let us show you some examples of what we have accomplished for our clients today, and you can formulate your own ideas on how you can best leverage on our system programming services. Let ECL help streamline your business processes and empower you. You can eliminate "robot" work in your network and focus on building your own products, services, and relationships.

Examples of custom software projects

Our Systems Administration Services
are operated under our tradename as Systemaster ™
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Unlike other firms, Systemaster does not only provide individual managed service packages but also comprehensive packages which include business processes, business applications, and IT infrasture management. These services are billed on a monthly flat-rate. 
Microsoft Windows offers very powerful and open operating systems. You can program them to suit most business operations. To take advantage of these operating systems' power to customize, ECL writes programs in Delphi and Visual Basic languages.

Most system programs are small utilities and programming them usually takes from 1 to 7 days. Call your account manager to see if your idea is feasible, and then get a FREE estimate in achieving your business objectives. Here are some examples of projects ECL has created for other customers:
  • Automated custom backup routines
  • Captured data with video cameras
  • Deployed e-mail notifications for backup problems
  • Monitored for and caught rare events that cause crashes
  • Developed special ways of driving proprietary hardware
  • Implemented trade-secret management processes
  • Provided confidential and internal security auditing
  • Performed detective and forensic work over the Internet
  • Bridged and translated data between 2 unlike applications
  • Synchronized data between software packages
  • Tracked reports on viruses, hackers, and intruders
  • Utilized interactive Voice Response or Voicemail systems
  • Automated faxing software systems
  • Utilized intelligent search and data mining agents
  • Controlled access with screen and keyboard locking
  • Utilized fax plug-in support for Goldmine
  • Enhanced performance for Progress databases
  • Managed performance for ACCPAC+
  • Restricted Internet Access for specific users
  • Analyzed local and Internet network traffic
  • Developed fax and email plug-ins for MS Excel and MS Access
  • Worked around inconveniences in MS Outlook and MS Exchange
  • Eliminated repetitive and routine typing into applications
  • SharePoint data synchronization
  • Terminal server software VPN tunnels
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