ECL is a general practitioner for information technologies. We are your full-service, one-stop, virtual IT Department.
ECL Computing

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Welcome to ECL Computing

Our mission is to provide your business with robust information, communication and automation solutions — that optimize your business outcomes.
ECL provides info-tech or IT services to small and mid-sized businesses.

We can manage your networking, computing and communications systems. We act on your behalf as your outsourced IT department or project manager. As a result, you can focus more on your business. You and your team can enjoy distraction-free of mind and achieve continuity, while increasing reliability and  significantly reducing non-core-business ownership costs. 

Robust Computing Infrastructure

Foremost, ECL ensures hardware, backup power, core software, networks, and telecommunications devices are dependable. ECL builds IT infrastructure from the ground up, by integrating the most optimal technologies and services. We recommend building a solid and reliable local foundation  infrastructure first before reaching out to the cloud as a supplement. To round out our expertise, we work with third-party specialists on your behalf. ECL provides on-site and remote 24x7x365 support services. Ultimately, we ensure your machines and systems are reliable and stable so you can build your people and business on top.
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Optimizing Business Outcomes

 Your systems should enable, not hinder, your business. Reliable, flexible, and well implemented information systems are prerequisite. To optimize outcome, ECL promotes self-reliance, and encourages local empowerment. To further these objectives, ECL is a strong proponent of using open source systems. Furthermore, ECL builds on your own local, simpler, and usually much less costly private cloud infrastructure rather than using the typically more complex, uncontrollable, and expensive public cloud. ECL is vendor neutral. We will recommend or work with your current third-party IT specialists to ensure efficiency and best outcome.
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Your Full-service Virtual IT Department

ECL's success is based on the general-practitioner model.  We take a wholistic approach in that we provide a zero-turnover, broad range of IT services, ranging from Internet, cabling, security, telephony, databases, process automation, artificial intelligence, and their build, deployment, and maintenance to supporting business policies, procedures, licensing, and legal matters. We can either supplement your Internal IT department  or act as your full-service outsourced  Virtual IT Department. As such, we can do it without you having to worry about the high IT personnel costs, poor accountability, gaping knowledge holes, political frictions, and high staff turnover.
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Key ECL Specialties

Business information systems are constructed with multi-layered, inter-dependent componets. ECL stands apart in its proven approach to design, deployment, maintenance, and its industry-leading guiding principles — with regards to the digital nervous system that underpins your organization.

#1. The Foundation — Hardware and Network Infrastructure

ECL designs computing platforms with absolute criteria prioritizing: robustness, reslience, scalability and performance.

Unlike other IT infrastructure providers, ECL is vendor neutral, supporting all makes/models of tier-1 and tier-2 name brand hardware.

For your infrastructure, from thousands of options, ECL chooses modular, off-the-shelf components that minimize technology lock-in, save costs and maximize utility.

ECL's competitive advantage is in its knowledge-base, curated components, and methodologies. You get a robust network with admirable return on your IT investment.
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#2. Core Software — Virtualization

Phasing out old-school, legacy computing hardware, or migrating physical computers to Virtual Machines ("VMs"), better utilizes your IT resources and dollars.

Virtual servers and workstations are more flexible, scalable and resilient. ECL can repair / tune VM based computers with a few mouse clicks, remotely adding memory, processors and diskspace — for instance (rather than needing to attend at your premises).

When done correctly, the benefits of virtualization are immediate, significant and far-reaching.

#3. Business Processes — Optimizing Business Apps and Staff Productivity

As an outsourced service provider, our services can be integrated with your existing business processes, and take them to higher standards. 

For example, staff productivity is greatly improved when database-centric application software, such as accounting systems, are migrated to terminal services. Queries, reporting and data-entry perform much faster.

Your staff can can login from any device, from any location — no longer tied to a single PC or office. This is ideal for Covid safety.

Terminal services provide a single point of maintenance and monitoring, reducing costs and complexity — while maximizing availability for staff.

Designing and deploying terminal services is a specialty that ECL has long mastered and offers very compelling, industry-leading solutions.
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