Asterisk may be the last PBX you will ever own and operate

Authored by Webmaster on 2022-07-21

ECL has a long-standing experience in dealing with a variety of defunct office PBXs, such as Panasonic hybrids, Microsoft Response Point, Nortel,  among others, all of which have encountered issues over time. Many of the current PBXs in the market are also facing problems.

In our pursuit of a robust and multi-vendor solutions, we’ve come across the open-source Asterisk.  In the last two years, we’ve effectively upgraded our clients’ 3CX PBXs and have now devised a smooth and economical approach to transition most PBX brands to Asterisk.

For those who depend on cloud PBXs, which are often criticized for their unreliability, lack of features, or high operating costs, we suggest setting up your Asterisk PBXs in your own local cloud for a more dependable and efficient solution.

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