ECL announces around the clock reception for hardware repairs

Authored by Webmaster on 2022-09-27

During Covid-19, ECL has virtualized our service reception for all our clients. We are now open around the clock -- 24x7x365!

You may now pick up and drop off your equipment in our shop for repairs anytime around the clock. Being open all day long will reduce your downtime significantly!

ECL is perhaps the only IT company that still fully stocks, builds, and repairs electronics and computers, while all our peers in town appear to have gone out of the hardware business.

To make use of our facilities, you just need to set up an appointment by calling Service ahead of time and letting us know when you will arrive, and we will open the doors for you.

Here are some of the hardware jobs we have done recently:

  1. Emergencies loaner equipment -- switches, routers, wireless access points, cables...
  2. Cell phone, workstation, laptop, and server repairs and maintenance
  3. Windows, MAC, and Linux operating systems upgrade and overhaul
  4. Telephones, PBXes, UPSes, and network equipment repairs
  5. Cellphone, laptop, and UPS battery replacements
  6. Data recovery from solid state and hard drives
  7. Recycling old equipment and secure erase data
  8. Equipment demos, training, testing, and QC
  9. Courier pickups and drop-offs
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