Why more than 70% of digital transformation IT projects fail?

Authored by Webmaster on 2022-10-11


Watch this video by Eric Kimberling: Why Digital Transformations Fail --here are the top 3 reasons:

  1. Lack of Strategic Clarity
  2. Internal Misalignment
  3. Poor Change Management

If you are interested, according to Eric, here are the top 10 reasons they fail and why.

We have seen a fair share of failures of large digital transformations, particularly large IT upgrade projects. Here Eric seems to put most of the weight on the weaknesses of the internal management of his clients, but we feel that the IT product vendors and consultants are even more to blame for failures.

While it is true that many of your executives and managers are not only inexperienced and quite often not aligned with the ownership's interests, but they are also unfamiliar with the vendors technology and axiology. We find that IT vendors are more to blame than executives and managers. Here are our observations:

  1. IT hardware and software vendors simply can't be trusted. They are biased toward their own products.
  2. Most IT consultants can't be trusted because they are maximizing their own profits and the interests of the vendors they resell.

The above leads to impractical and poorly designed one-size-fits-all solutions that are based on vendors' profitability rather than the best interest of the ownership. Here are some examples:




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